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Lindon Leader / Graphic Designer At Spotify

What we are looking for

We publish children’s storybooks, factual books and arty coffee table books.

We are looking for ideas that make us go WOW, that is different!

The stipulation is that all books submissions must fall into one of these 3 categories:




We are looking for two types of authors:

Graphic designers / Illustrators

Who have created their book(s) and are looking for a place to publish it so they can make a fair profit from their creation.

Unique thinkers

Who have a quirky, creative or odd book concept that they would like us to bring to life by designing and publishing it for them.

How to Submit

We have a very simple submission process.
All you need to do is send an email to submissions[at]r-and-q[dot]com

The subject of the email should be your name followed by the words book submission – eg:
Markus Baker – Book Submission

Then in your email, you should pose a question that your book will solve. This question should have either Quirky, Creative or Odd in it (see examples below).

Your email should conclude with so I created: and insert the book title.

You can add any further information and even samples if you wish, but these are not required because it is your question and book title that will be the hook for us.

How odd and quirky would it be if a child's nose ran away at birth?

So I created: Doorknob For A Nose

How creative and quirky would it be to travel the world finding faces in everyday objects?

So I created: Pareidolia

How odd not to find the amazing in the ordinary everyday. Can we change this?

So I created: R Amazing!

How quirky and creative would it be to create a book with a spine that unzips?

So I created: Close your eyes and read this book

Wouldn't it be quirky and creative if kid's storybooks were gender-neutral?

So I created: The Mettas

How creative and quirky would it be if everyday people and animals only had 1 eye?

So I created: Cycloped

The Quirky

We embrace our quirkiness by fully understanding that being unusual can offer the ability to be fun, interesting and even, at times, a little bit weird.


The Creative

Using our imagination we develop and create original ideas that make you think and want to become involved in our creativity.


The Odd

Odd is described as that which is different to what is usual or expected and we aim to deliver this to you in fun and interesting ways.