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About Us

Lindon Leader / Graphic Designer At Spotify

R & Q Logo

In 2015, R&Q founder, Markus travelled the world creating books and nurturing ideas that would eventually evolve into R&Q publishing. From there Markus began collaborating with other authors to help their ideas come to life too.

Today, R&Q publishing is the home of the Quirky, Creative, and Odd, a place that shares ingenious and unique ideas in children’s storybooks as well as factual and coffee table books.

Ideas that we hope you will love, or even hate. For R&Q strives to be the advocates against the indifference of the “alright’s” and “ok’s”, we would much rather 50% of you adore or detest our content than have 100% of you think the ideas are just alright!

We want our books, characters and websites to induce a strong reaction and to become the new normal in a world that is more interesting and fun because they have reached and inspired all of our consciousness.

Mark Baker

Markus Baker

R&Q Founder, Publisher, Designer, Author and Illustrator

Markus found R & Q, Doorknob for a Nose, The Mettas, This Book Never Ends…, Cool as Duck, Si KloppPossible Mind, along with many more ideas in his head but how they got there is still a mystery to him.

Regardless of how the ideas materialised into all of our consciousness, they led him to create R&Q publishing to help other people’s ideas come to fruition.

Markus has been described as:

  • Kind
  • Considerate
  • Honest
  • A Good Listener
  • Quick-witted
  • Flexible
  • Thoughtful
  • Versatile

With a tendency to think a little differently from others, creativity and ideas have always been important to Markus. With a scanner type of personality, R&Q is the perfect outlet for him to see, express and share ideas that inspire him and hopefully others to see the wonderfully quirky, creative and odd things that the world has to offer.

A variety of interests ranging from finding faces in everyday objects, known as pareidolia right the way through to mind-body healing and everything else in-between makes him an interesting person to be around. Markus’ uniqueness comes through by his obsession to see the amazing in the ordinary every day that is best summed up in his search for the Quirky, Creative and Odd.

Markus’ first career as a nursery nurse along with his current role as a publisher and visual communicator, R&Q publishing is the perfect place for him to bring creative ideas to life.

Markus has a broad view of society which comes from his many experiences that include volunteering for the Samaritans, designing for the film industry, qualifying as a psychotherapist and travelling the world, which included staying with a Taoist Master in the hills of South Korea.

The name R & Q, unlike other brands, can stand for anything you wish it to. The only stipulations are that it should be odd, quirky and (let’s be honest) as clean as we can make it. Below are some initial ideas, if you would like to add some suggested names, please pop them in the form, we’d love to hear them.

Rabbits & Quails

Random & Quirky

Radish & Quiche

Ruthless & Queasy

Rampant & Quiet

Rambunctious & Queer


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R&Q would much rather 50% of you adore or detest what we do than have 100% of you think our ideas are just 'alright' or 'ok'!

R&Q have a particular fondness for all that is quirky, creative and odd.

R&Q shares the strange beauty and inspiration that is all around us each and every day.

Striving to be the advocates against the indifference of the "alright's" and "ok's".

The Quirky

We embrace our quirkiness by fully understanding that being unusual can offer the ability to be fun, interesting and even, at times, a little bit weird.


The Creative

Using our imagination we develop and create original ideas that make you think and want to become involved in our creativity.


The Odd

Odd is described as that which is different to what is usual or expected and we aim to deliver this to you in fun and interesting ways.


Contact Us

If you are interested in any of R & Q’s books or you have any further queries please do fill in the contact form.

We will happily respond to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your interest in the quirky, creative and odd.

Ask away…

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